My Gamil got hacked the Process and Corrective measures


Dear All,

I want to elaborate here on the process of hacking of my email that happened to me last night.

step 1
I receive an email saying verify your gmail account with a link that you should click to go to verification page

Step 2.
once you click the verification link a page will open which looks exactly like the google mail log in page but if you look at the address bar the URL is actually quite different. The URL that appears is

and page is still functioning


now obviously you are (I was) tempted to put your id and password to verify your email ID. That is it, hacker has your password. He waits for you to sign out. The moment you sign out he starts to send emails to every contact from your email.

the text of the email is available on line!topic/gmail/PX_LsSk77PE

in my case what he did few additional things.

(1)   he went into setting of my gmail setting and changed it in such a way that all mails got forwarded to a ID that he created thus my inbox was completely blank when I recovered my Gmail ID i.e. . I could recover old emails by writing to Gmail support by using the following URL


(2)   Another change he did in my gmail settings  in such a way that whenever someone wants to reply mails from my ID i.e. the replies should go to  a new Id which he created to look like my original id so that even after I have recovered my email (which happened within an hour) of hacking, I could not stop him because my friends were interacting with hacker on faked email id. In this process one of my friend lost huge sum of money. First of all it took me lot of time to understand what is exactly the problem but solution was quick just went into Mail settings and then accounts and imports  changed the reply to email option by clicking edit info button which appears at right side of the section “Send mail as”


(3)   Last thing he did is that he managed to change the email ids that were stored in my contacts. What he did is he  added ‘er’ at the end each of the email address that is in my contact list for example one of my friend XYZ has email id is but he has changed it to Please note ‘er, just before @ and dot at the end. He did this so that I am unable to reach all my friends immediately after recovery of my emails by mailing all my contacts in one go. I solved the this problem by restoring the contact that existed in email before hacking by using Gmail help link


please let others know about such a thing. I have put up a formal complaint with police. Please make it known to as many people as possible so that such incidents can be minimized if not eliminated.



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